Monday, 2 November 2015

Shillingstone S&D 1.11.2015


Tony has managed to get these sides back on and has put the windows in for winter! He will now take a rest. When he returns he will paint the Nasty Ruston in the same colour as the other 'nasty Rustons' at Bala Lake the home of the 'Little Alice' story books.

Do I stop, Go or pause in the Distance, perhaps pass at caution? Probably stop at home! Wish I had paid more attention in the Induction Course!

A little sad. These were lovingly made to replace the machines that were taken off site when there was a change in management. Now the Signal Box has a full set, including one original from the Shillingstone Box and one to spare.

The gates have their undercoat and look resplendent......trouble is the rest of the white paintwork looks like it needs to be painted! Sorry guys....once you start something.

Look the correct colours have returned - no one will notice the hiccup! (I have the photos....)

I know...THE WALL....actually looking good....from this angle. — at .

Not so good from here but ready up to the Down Shelter.

It's a long way up and a long way along- not to mention the trees (dead) rooted into the wall. I think that this topic may continue for a while!

Today the mist blocked the sight and the site was misty, However those volunteers that made the weekend had the results of their labour shown in full later in the day. Photos show new stock, new paint, new things, new bricks and things replaced by new acquisitions. (The Porter)

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