Saturday, 30 December 2017

Micklefield 1985


All 18.6.1985 copyright Steve Sainsbury/Rail Thing

An hour or so at Micklefield in Yorkshire back in 1985 produced a variety of trains, most of which would now be extinct! The station was still fairly original and was orientated east-west so afternoon photos would catch the sun right - except I never saw the sun out there!

Monday, 4 December 2017

46 years on ...


(All 1.12.2017 and 2.12.2017 copyright Steve Sainsbury/Rail Thing)

I took my first ever railway (or indeed any sort of photo) on 9 July 1971, just south of Dawlish Warren station, on our first summer holiday to Devon. 

Last weekend I revisited the area for a weekend and took loads more!

The trip included the classic walk along the sea wall and it was good to see the work done where it was breached. The line seemed pretty busy with a succession of trains in both directions, including plenty of HSTs. I even manged to catch a surprise whilst waiting for the train back to Dawlish Warren at Dawlish station, when a couple of class 66s came through on an RHTT.

It was this area which really got me into running railways, up until then I'd really been into disused lines, and it's ironic that this may be one of the few railways that close in the future, thanks to sinking land, rising sea levels and a deteriorating climate with more storms, but for now it's all still there, a free work of art for anybody that appreciates such things!