Wednesday, 13 June 2012


The Swiss (RhB) station in Tirano.

The Italian station in Tirano.

Mystery steam loco at Tirano. All 4.12.2008

I've yet to really 'do' Italy, the closest I've come is the Italian section of the Centovalli and the southern section of the Rhatische Bahn's Bernina line, which terminates in Tirano.

We were staying in St Moritz in December 2008 and travelled on the Bernina line during the stay. The Bernina line is of course one of the most scenic lines in the world, and I've visited it a number of times. But this was the first time I'd actually left the station to look around the town. As well as the metre gauge station it also has a terminus on the Italian State Railways, which was very different from the Swiss station. A distance from this station, on some sidings, stood this steam loco, a complete mystery to me. Was it one of the famed reserve stock of steam locos kept by the Italian railways to use after the oil runs out, was it a privately owned loco or perhaps something to do with a preservation scheme? Any ideas??