Monday, 12 April 2010

trams and trains on the metre gauge

(All 15.6.1987 copyright Steve Sainsbury/Rail Thing))

All these scenes are from the Bex-Villars-Bretaye line in western Switzerland. Until quite recently this line operated two tram services, one in the valley between Bex and Bevieux and another between Gryon and Villars, these intermingling with the train services. It was easy to tell which was which, the trams were blue and the trains were red!

Sadly, for now, the tram services have been abandoned, though the trains still run on the same route. From the valley floor the line climbs almost 5000 feet. It operates in two sections, from Bex to Villars and Villars to Bretaye. Villars is a pleasant town with views across the valley to France. Bretaye is up in the mountains, an excellent skiing area in winter and a good base for mountain walks in summer.

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