Monday, 5 April 2010

fairbourne railway

(5.6.1978 Copyright Steve Sainsbury/Rail Thing)

I've always quite liked the Fairbourne Railway. It has an interesting history and serves a genuine passenger need. It also has that rare feature in the UK - roadside running!

It's had a few changes since the above picture was taken, including (sadly) a change of gauge. I've always counted 15" as narrow gauge, rather than miniature. Anything under is miniature, and the Fairbourne is now 12¼" gauge, interestingly the same gauge as the Littlehampton Miniature Railway! However the original 15" is gradually being rebuilt out from Fairbourne, giving dual-gauge running along part of the route.

Since 2009 the line has been a charity so should now be secure, as it has been threatened at times in the past. It doesn't have the glamour (or length) of most of the other Great Little Trains of Wales, but it does have many other fascinating features, particularly the run through the dunes.

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