Sunday, 21 March 2010

watercress line in january 1973

Medstead and Four Marks.



Winchester Junction.
(All 4.1.1973)

The Winchester to Alton line closed on 5.2.1973. It should of course have been electrified and used as a diversionary route for the Southampton main line, just as it was in 1967 when the main line was being electrified. Fortunately most of it has been reopened, as a heritage line, but I personally believe that the 'lost' section, which includes Itchen Abbas station, will be restored in the coming years and the line will once again serve a genuine function as part of our expanding network.

But back in 1973 the world was a very different place and people genuinely thought that railways had had their day! So the line closed after years of no investment or marketing.

It was a misty day and I was using a cheap camera, but I think this works well in the photos, giving the line an aura of melancholy which matched the mood of the times.
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