Saturday, 6 March 2010

swiss delight

(All Hitzkirch, 14.5.1987)

One of my favourite lines of all is the Seetalbahn in Switzerland.

This is a heavy, standard gauge, electrified branch owned by the SBB, but is roadside almost entirely throughout. The route is around 25 miles long.

Back in 1987 I spent a month travelling around Switzerland by train, before a summer spent on the beaches of the south of France. I was camping at Mosen, right alongside the Seetalbahn, and spent many hours walking the route and getting wonderful shots of long heavy trains trundling alongside the road, Wisbech and Upwell style! As you can see in the above shots there were light engine movements, passenger, mixed and freight trains! All these in less than an hour.

The Seetalbahn is still there, although passenger trains are now in the hands of superb, modern, tram-style trains. If you get the chance do visit it - and send me up to date photos!
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