Tuesday, 16 March 2010

trains in the street

(All 17.6.1987)

Aigle in Switzerland is just about unique in that it has three separate metre-gauge lines that start in the town, each reaching the outskirts via street running. Well, almost, as the top line featured (Aigle-Ollon-Monthey-Champery AOMC) has just been relocated alongside the main SBB line, the former street track is still in situ, and there is still street-running further along the line in Collombey.

Second shot is of the Aigle-Sepey-Diablerets (ASD) again in Aigle. This is an adhesion only route that makes some amazing meanders in the vicinity of the castle in Aigle, before heading into the mountains.

Bottom shots are of the Aigle-Leysin (AL) route in Aigle. This runs down a very narrow street right through the middle of town, before reaching the outskirts, reversing, then taking the rack up through the vineyards to my old home town of Leysin. The line is locally known as the cog.

I still visit Leysin regularly and the line has a lot of new rolling stock. There is also a whole new station in Aigle used by the metre gauge trains, now under common management.

For all the recent changes you can still experience the sight of regular street running trains every day.
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  1. Great to see some pictures of the mid hants line as it was when I used to travel to Peter Symonds on it - I hope you dont mind me using some of your images in my own blog?