Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Roaming Roman Rails

9250 Rome 17.6.2015

9023 and 9250 Rome 17.6.2015

9116 Flaminio Rome 17.6.2015

Ostia train at Roma San Paolo 19.6.2015

423 Porta Maggiore 20.6.2015

7021 Coloseo 22.6.2015

(All pics copyright Steve Sainsbury/Rail Thing)

Just returned from my first visit to Rome. Fantastic in many ways and also plenty for rail and tram enthusiasts, with a lot more promised in the future! Highlights were a trip to the Vatican in a huge thunderstorm which stopped the trams for a while, urban street running narrow gauge, the tram by the Colosseum and the best of all, the Jazz Tram. Low point was the disgusting state of the line to Ostia, Rome's port. More to follow on all of this and more - still recovering at the moment!

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