Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Action at Weymouth Quay!


(Weymouth Quay 33 118 14.8.1986 Copyright Steve Sainsbury/Rail Thing)

A big step forward for the restoration of the iconic Weymouth Tramway is to extend its current status as temporarily out of use. As well as the heritage project there is also the important need for all docks and harbours to be rail connected as quickly as possible, a process that is well underway elsewhere.

There is currently a petition to assure the line's status and to guarantee no further entrechment takes place - at the very least the physical tracks need protecting to speed up reinstatement. To all of us normal people this does seem pretty obvious LOL - but dinosaurs still roam the Earth in places.

The working of the petition is - 

'27 Jan 2016 — There is a meeting next week that will determine the future of the quay branch line. The 'Temporary Out of Use' tag has outdated and needs to be renewed or turned to Permanently Disused'. Thankfully we have been invited to bring a spokesman along to say protest why the rail trail must stay.

Could you all please send in messages and emails of why you think the tramway must stay. Hopefully some of these will make it into the speech. And as always please share as much as you can.

This is it people, this could determine the future of the tramway, even Weymouth. We must not give up. We must make this dream become reality, in the hands of the Weymouth Quay Heritage Campaign.

~James Newall

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