Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Pre-wires Keynsham

(All 11.6.2014 copyright Steve Sainsbury/Rail Thing)

To Keynsham today. The idea is to get pics before, during and after the electrification of the main line from Paddington to Bristol and on into South Wales. Digital photography makes this a far more realistic project than earlier electrifications!

I want to record the infrastructure changes and, in time, the changes to the rolling stock on the route. Let's see how this develops.

I'm also looking to other enthusiasts to record activity closer in towards London, I'll be concentrating mainly on the section from Swindon into south Wales. 

Keynsham is a relatively busy station with a couple of stopping trains each way every hour. There is a lot of building work going on on the down side of the platform already. No signs of electrification yet!

Update 8.4.2017

Well things certainly didn't pan out as expected with the extraordinary decision NOT to electrify the Bristol 'branch' (LOL!). But there will certainly be change all the same, and the electrification will doubtless come at some point in the future. The new trains are dual electric/diesel and will run to Bristol on diesel engines - perhaps in sympathy with Bristol's reputation of being a very un-Green city (no trams, no suburban rail network and congested roads).


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