Tuesday, 10 June 2014

1986 - the rail blue era comes to an end

Ely 28.4.1986

47 574 Ely 28.4.1986

(Both copyright Rail Thing/Steve Sainsbury)

By 1986 the BR blue era, which had been with us for almost 20 years, was on the verge of vanishing, though the process would take a few years!

My only trip to Ely, on 28 April 1986. threw up quite a variety of trains. I saw first generation DMUs and a few loco-hauled, including the class 47 'classic' train seen above.

I'm scanning all my rail pics from 1971 onwards, and I'm sort of up to 1986, but there is still a lot of far older stuff in the attic! Together with current shots and features on various railways around the world, this will provide most of the content for this blog over the coming years. 

Why not bookmark this blog so you can keep up with all these various strands? I am also looking for contributors or partners to produce more and more content, with the intention of making this the most popular rail blog on the 'net within a year. If interested please email me on leysiner@aol.com 

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