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Micklefield 19.5.1986


47 524 Micklefield 19.5.1986

56 098 Micklefield 19.5.1986

45 120 Micklefield 19.5.1986

45 118 Micklefield 19.5.1986

(All 19.5.1986 © Steve Sainsbury/Rail Thing)

One of my favourite stations for passing trains back in the eighties was Micklefield in Yorkshire, which had a succession of trains including HSTs, DMUs, freight and light engines.

An hour or so on 19 May 1986 saw most of these come through. It was a busy station even back in the 80s, set in a typical Yorkshire village.

More info (from Wikipedia)

Micklefield railway station serves the village of Micklefield, near Garforth in West YorkshireEngland. It lies on the York and Selby Lines, operated by Northern Rail, 9.75 miles (16 km) east of Leeds.
The station was originally opened by the Leeds and Selby Railway in 1834, with the line towards Church Fenton being added by the North Eastern Railway in 1869.
Just east of the station, the York and Selby lines split in their respective directions.


Monday to Saturday daytime there is a half-hourly service all stations to Leeds with services continuing to Wakefield Westgate and Blackpool North both via Bradford Interchange. Evenings and Sundays, the service is hourly.
Eastbound there is an hourly service to York next stop Church Fenton (some direct to York) and Selby next stop South Milford respectively during Monday to Saturday daytimes. Evenings and Sundays. there is an hourly service to York only.
Annual rail passenger usage*
2004/05 0.123 million
2005/06Increase 0.130 million
2006/07Increase 0.138 million
2007/08Decrease 0.138 million
2008/09Increase 0.184 million
2009/10Decrease 0.179 million
2010/11Increase 0.194 million
2011/12Decrease 0.193 million
2012/13Decrease 0.179 million
2013/14Increase 0.181 million
- Interchange2,966

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