Monday, 17 March 2014

subtle changes to hs2 ...

Interesting. The old HS2 is being buried bit by bit. They are even saying that they wish the 'HS' part had never been promoted. Perhaps politicians are, at last, realising that this is the 21st century, not the 20th?

Because, it seems to me, that spin is being rolled out to transform the old vanity 'space paste' project into something far more interesting. New lines and links are being planned, the capacity issue is being promoted over and above the laughable speed one and we're beginning to talk about a railway line rather than something out of Flash Gordon ...

And who knows what further tweaks will be given to the look of this as it heads towards either building or abandonment? It seems that reality is beginning to creep in, that the idea of building a line that people will need and use and, most importantly, will serve a role in the very different economy that's coming, is what's being served up. It appears that the line formerly known as HS2 is transforming into another everyday line that will solve many problems on the existing network, possibly the first route designed to replace the motorway network, which we all know is doomed.
Perhaps with stations and freight handling facilities?

So from being totally disinterested in something that was, to me, a silly dream by nostalgists and politicians stuck in the first half of the twentieth century, perhaps now my ears will prick up a little when it's mentioned. Who knows, I may even blog about it?

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