Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Next stop on the S&D - Chilcompton?


Painting by Wynne B Jones website

The S&D is unusual in that there are currently five active sites along the route restoring the line and/or stations, including the narrow gauge Gartell Railway, just south of Templecombe.

There are now stirrings at Chilcompton, the next station after Midsomer Norton on the route south.
At the New S&D we'd always hoped this was a process that would happen, spurred on by successes elsewhere on the route.

It's still early days of course, but the group's first move is to set up a Facebook group. We urge all S&D fans to join it, so the creators can see just how much support there is out there for the S&D.

The best thing about the Chilcompton site is that it is very close to the existing line at Midsomer Norton, on the almost-blockage-free Radstock to Shepton section.

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