Saturday, 25 November 2017

Today at Midsomer Norton

The station.

Coal wagon (static exhibit)

The museum

Signalbox and greenhouse


'David Cook'

The line heads south

The station

The line to the right is the start of great things for the future!

Trip down to Midsomer Norton South station today, always a treat!

I was attending one of the twice yearly joint trusts' meeting, to which all S&D revival groups are invited. It's always good to meet up with others who, between them, have done so much to make a revived S&D possible. A great deal of positive stuff was discussed!

After the meeting I had a quick walk around the site - we'd just experienced a Mendip hail and sleet shower so it was freezing - and got some fresh pics of the site. The museum is VERY impressive, it used to be an old workshop/store for the line and is now a real credit. I'd like to have walked the whole length of the relaid line but have an issue with my leg so could only make the end of the platform. Hopefully next time ...

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