Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Instow Transformation


Instow 14.5.1985

Instow 26.6.2012

The Barnstaple to Torrington line is one of those lines that really shouldn't ever have closed, linking a number of towns into the Network in a prime holiday area. The line will no doubt reopen at some point in the future but, like the S&D, it's currently just the site of a number of separate restoration schemes. Torrington station and the start of a line northwards is under the control of the Tarka Valley Railway which aims to gradually restore the line towards Bideford. Bideford station itself has been restored and the signalbox completely rebuilt from nothing (just like at Midsomer Norton and Shillingstone) with track laid and a loco on site. The same group are also responsible for the fantastic restoration of the signalbox further towards Barnstaple at Instow, the two photos above showing this.

If you're in the area please try to take a look at what's happening on this wonderfully scenic and useful route.


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