Friday, 6 January 2017

Aigle metre gauge in 1977

The station for the three metre gauge lines was very primitive. Nowadays trains arrive at modern platforms!

The AL's rack section seen from the street running section by Aigle Depot station.

Aigle Depot.

Leysin train street running in Aigle.

AL202 at Aigle.

AOMC train on the now closed street section in Aigle.

The now closed AOMC line at Aigle - AOMC trains now continue alongside the SBB main line before picking up the original route outside Aigle.

(All pics 15.2.1977 copyright Steve Sainsbury/Rail Thing)

My first trip to the continent in winter was in February 1977. The first port of call was Aigle with its three street running metre gauge railways, these shots were all taken on the morning of 15 February.

Forty years on there are a few changes. The old 'station' at Aigle, in 1977 just a series of sidings with a few signs, has now been replaced by a modern platformed station alongside the main SBB station. The short street running section of the Aigle-Ollon-Monthey-Champery (AOMC) has now gone, the line now follows the main line for about a kilometre out of Aigle before picking up the old route. The vehicles have gradually been replaced by more modern units, though many of the older units survive, some in service, some used on specials and a few just hanging around.

In 2017 Aigle is still a great place for the rail enthusiast to visit. All three metre gauge lines are busier than ever, and there are still a few streets in Aigle where regular passenger trains pass every hour. The main line station is thriving with plenty of locomotive hauled passenger and freight trains.

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