Monday, 8 February 2016

Facebook Spotlight Rail Thing - 80s UK Railscene

Weymouth Quay 33 118 14.8.1986

Salisbury 50 043 14.4.1986

206 101 Rye 19.8.1986

(All pics copyright Steve Sainsbury/Rail Thing)

I had a pretty varied 1980s with four long trips to Europe, a driving job that took me all over the country and a reasonable income that allowed me to buy all the film I wanted! I probably took more photos in the 80s than in any other decade - at least until I discovered digital in around 2005.

So I have a vast collection of 1980s shots, many of which still haven't been scanned and uploaded. 

In general the 80s were a transitional decade for rail in the UK. Closures finally came to a halt, the last real closure happening in 1985 when the Eridge to Tunbridge Wells line closed. The first steps towards privatisation were made near the end of the decade, and liveries started to change. I'm not a big loco fan but I'm pretty sure some of the familar locos (and units) started to vanish in this decade too! 

I got to know Switzerland really well and spent probably a year or more there in the 80s - this is reflected in my photos (though not on this group of course!) All in all a great decade for me when I got to do a lot of travelling and photography.

Of course the group isn't just about my photos and travels, there are currently 2,468 members so there is a wide variety of pics and memories on the site!

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