Sunday, 11 January 2015

penkridge 1986

47 527 Penkridge 12.5.1986

86 237 Penkridge 12.5.1986

47 206 Penkridge 12.5.1986

86 219 Penkridge 12.5.1986

304 011 Penkridge 12.5.1986

310 047 Penkridge 12.5.1986

47 XXX  Penkridge 12.5.1986

(All copyright Steve Sainsbury/Rail Thing)

Back in 1986 I had the perfect job for a railway photographer - driving a lorry around the UK on a  week to week basis with loads of spare time every day (especially in the evening) together with free passage around the UK!

Over the four years I did find a few favoured places for photography - one was on the West Coast Main Line just south of Stafford, at Penkridge. It was an unstaffed station on a double track line with plenty of trains coming through and lots of variety. The sun was also just right for the afternoon, which is normally when I was there.

On a lovely late Spring afternoon in May 1986 I got these shots (with more to follow) featuring a  range of express, locals and freight. Remember this was back in film days when you had to think about every shot - but the location made this easy!

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