Monday, 29 August 2011

SBB roadside

(All pics copyright Steve Sainsbury)

I've just sent these five pictures to accompany a future article in Swiss Express.

The Seetalbahn is a fantastic 30 mile long roadside tramway that is part of the standard gauge national network (SBB). These shots are of the line in 1987, there has been much modernisation since, the line now uses ultra modern tram style trains.

In 1987 as well as passenger traffic there was a lot of freight, most seemingly originating along the route, including pick up freights.

Parts of the line have now been relocated on reservation so the roadside mileage is decreasing, which is a shame as the photo opportunities were fantastic.

The line runs from Luzern to Lenzburg, in Cantons Luzern and Aargau.

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